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As a manufacturer of luxury down and feather products for over three generations, two families and 40 years, we take pride in having set benchmark designs now copied by larger manufacturers.

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Our pillow designs are endorsed by local physiotherapists and correctly support your neck and posture while sleeping.
We have a variety of ready-made pillows in-store available for purchase. Rest assured, if you buy a pillow that doesn’t feel right, you can always bring it back for us to either refill or remove the filling until it fits you perfectly. We want you to have a good night’s rest and your pillow to be just right!

Travel Pillows

Our in-house designed plush travel pillow is incredibly luxurious for travelling, whether it be by car, train or plane! There are two plush cushions on either side of your head to support your neck. You can lean either way and rest on the fluffy soft down-filled goodness. The travel pillow is small, lightweight and comes with a convenient travel bag that you can roll into a small compact bundle and will fit in a handbag!

Quilts and Downs

We custom design quilts for each season and to suit regional climatic conditions. Our product range includes:

  • Summer Down
  • Winter Down
  • Mid-season Down
  • Eiderdown
  • Quilts for Babies and Children

Quilt Resizing

Channelled quilts and pillows manufactured by Therma Quilts can be adjusted even after purchase. So, if your quilt is too hot or cold, your pillow is too hard or too soft, we can make those adjustments, whether a few weeks or a few years later!

Cleaning & Refills


The feathers and down are removed from the quilt casing and steam washed in a specialised machine that sanitises the feathers using eco-friendly detergents imported from Germany. Once clean, the rejuvenated feathers and down are placed back into the freshly washed casing.


Re-casing is when we take the old filling of your quilt or pillow and transfer it to a new case. A re-casing of your quilt or pillow becomes necessary when the old casing wears out, is extensively damaged, or the size, shape and design need to be altered. A re-casing can be combined with a top-up or clean.

Top Up

Eventually, your quilt or pillow will show signs of wear, and there will be a loss of warmth and fluffiness. When this occurs, it will be necessary to top-up your quilt or pillow with more down so it regains its cosiness.

Custom Requests

Innovation is fundamental to our product range.

We are Australia’s only hand-maker of luxury ready-made eiderdowns. If you have the idea, Therma Quilts can design and make the product.

We can also renovate and restore existing eiderdowns and feather products, including cleaning and re-casing quilts, doonas and pillows.

Therma Quilts does not mass-produce, but are happy to make a small range or one-off designs.